Life is Shit

As a kid, I never had a clue about what I was doing. As an adult I still don’t have a clue, the only difference is that I have to start paying for everything myself. Which is all fine and dandy when you’ve got a job or a sugar daddy. And believe me, if getting a sugar daddy was easy then I wouldn’t be celebrating the fact I found 50p at the bottom of my bag.¬†While all my friends have blossomed into beautiful young ladies and are having to turn down many requests for romantic evenings, the only thing attracted to me are mosquito’s, and they only want me for my body. (That’s not my joke, sue me. Oh wait, I have no money! Haaaaa!)

Permit me to use baking metaphors: I am a freshly baked Film Graduate, piping hot from the oven known as the Plymouth College of Art. However, like a souffle that’s been taken out too soon, I am somewhat deflated…and cheesy. I’ve only just got used to that place and now they’re kicking me out, and all I have to show for it is a lousy BA (Hons) degree. And now what? I have to exist in the real world? As an adult? A functioning member of society!?

I’ve even thought about going back and attending random lectures hoping that they won’t notice. That’s what it has come to. Educational theft! I’m just completely at a loos, I don’t know what to do. I found myself dressing overly smart yesterday as a desperate attempt to compensate for my incompetence. I’ve also started using big words such as ‘compensate’ and ‘incompetence’ to compensate for my incompetence.

So I sat down with a cup of Twining’s Cherry Bakewell Green Tea (not disappointing, just under-whelming. They aren’t sponsoring me so I can say whatever the flip I want), looked out of my bedroom window at my parents house, gazing at the comforting¬†pink and orange blanket in the sky as the sun said its final farewells for the day, and I decided on what I should do with my terror soaked freedom.

“I’ll start a blog.”

post(^^^ Not my picture but it’s vera niiiiiice^^^)